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fic: how did it come to this?

fandom: harry potter
title: how did it come to this?
length: 307 words.
rating: pg
warning: angst
character: hermione granger
summary: hermione's thoughts during the war.

for: galfridian
community: the hp ficathon at kolms

It's in the twigs in her hair, in the bruises on her skin, in the scars in her flesh. It's in the air around her, as she tries and breathes slowly, her heart racing in her chest, as loud as the hooves of hundreds of horses. How did it come to this?

Hogwarts is behind her eyelids, and she can still feel the coldness of the walls under her fingers, and the warmth in Gryffindor Tower, and the cold wind that lashes her skin and isn't so bad after all, as Harry, Ron and she are walking in the grass and the mud to Hagrid's hut ; now there is no warmth, only the cold of rough nature and the mud of a scary forest. She smells the many dishes of the Great Hall, pumpkin juice and apple pie, but now there is hunger, and she realizes that she never truely felt it before.

Everything is hurting.

She constantly thinks about her first year at Hogwarts. That's when she met her very first and loyal friends. That's when she had the feeling of belonging, somehow. And now she is lost, and everything falls apart. They are not children anymore, running around the castle - although that was really Harry and Ron running, and her trying to catch up but still being reluctant. They rarely laugh anymore, and barely smile. She misses the runs in the castle or on its grounds after all, because she came to enjoy them, in a way. Now they run, and they have to hide, and they run again, and it's like there is no air in her lungs anymore, and when they settle somewhere in the wild, she cries herself to sleep, because she has never felt so exhausted before, and everything hurts.

Childhood is long gone.

Hope just might never come back.

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Tags: !fanfiction, ch: hermione granger, fd: harry potter
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