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about, disclaimer and stuffs.

So, le first post.

Firstly, hullo.

This is naturally awkward 'cause I will never know what to write that could seem interesting for a first post. Let's say you can call me Mona, and that this journal is going to be about celebrities, fics (that I will write and recommend, what the hell), graphics (probably mostly icons I will make) and any things that could come to my mind.
I will eventually do a list of my fandoms (that is growing bigger everyday) and of course, my resources post.
In prevision of my possible fics, I DON'T MAKE ANY PROFIT FROM WHAT I AM WRITING AND AM NOT THE CREATOR/WRITER OF THE ORIGINAL STORY/PLOT. Basically, I am just playing with someone else's toys.
Please, be forgiving for my awful English, I am French, and mistakes do happen.
Enjoy your stay.

Shapeless Heart.
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